Monday, 2 March 2015

Gluten Free - First Ever Breadmaker GF Loaf

I've not been doing much blogging recently I know, life has been a tad strange for a few weeks, I thought I'd dip my toe back in the blogosphere water by sharing my latest culinary effort. Back in January for health reasons we decided to try and go wheat and dairy free, the dairy part happened but the wheat/gluten until this week didn't.

My hubby has been totally dairy free now since the end of January and there has been a huge difference in his energy levels, prior to quitting dairy, when he came home from work he had to have a 20-30 minute nap before he felt human, since ditching dairy the naps have STOPPED! He does get a little fatigued on the odd day, but not enough to need to nap, his coughing fits have all but stopped, but we discovered that sucralose was also making him cough, he'd been dairy free but still coughing and we couldn't understand it, until we had a mental leap and realised it only happened after sugar free drinks, ditched the sugar free items and he's virtually stopped coughing!

I gave up dairy until the 2nd week in April and I decided that as he was definitely benefiting from dairy free hubby could stay on it, and I'd go back to dairy to save money, BIG mistake! I first added yogurt back in to my diet and felt some nausea, no biggie, then I introduced skimmed milk and within a day WHAM I had a sinus problem, the awful smell, congestion and nasal drip. So I went back to coconut milk and no yogurt and the sinus problem went away! I've found I can tolerate a little mozzarella cheese with no problems, so I do that every now and again but on the whole I'm dairy free and back to being able to breathe again.

I do think that I may have a problem with wheat and possible gluten, some of my siblings were born not being able to tolerate gluten, and although I love bread, pizza, pasta, cake etc, they don't love me, I don't seem to be able to lose weight when I have those foods even reduced calorie versions, I'm bloated, gassy and on days when I've eaten gluten based items I end up tired and lethargic like you wouldn't believe. I'd already tried supermarket gluten free bread and found it horrid, like cardboard and VERY dry. Same with anything I made using GF flour, so I went back to wheat based flours and all the problems.

After losing the weekend to tiredness and fatigue and having zero energy, I decided enough was enough and I'm now on day 3 of gluten free, which is turning out to be easier than I thought it would be. Yesterday I baked some Buckwheat Scones out of Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall's book "Light & Easy", but they were not my idea of a scone, I made his sweet version, although his recipe gives the wrong amount of liquid saying to use 200ml instead of 100ml eeek! For the scones I found the buckwheat flavour too strong and chewy, so I need to do some experimenting, they scones were very heavy as well which I think was due to the buckwheat flour and the ground almonds.

Today I had a success, although not perfect the result was edible, I made my very first Gluten Free Brown Loaf in my Breadmaker, its not bread as I knew it, but it is edible and it would make great beans on toast or an accompaniment with soup, I think it may be a little heavy for sandwiches but we'll see. I found the recipe on the Doves Farm website it was for a Gluten Free White Bread for Bread Machines I followed the recipe to the letter save for the fact that I used their Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour instead of the white GF flour. Although not perfect its way nicer than the shop bought GF bread, its well worth persevering with until I get the perfect loaf, and I will, love my bread too much!

It's too soon to say whether ditching gluten will make a difference to me, and it will probably take my body a while to get over what years of wheat and gluten has done to it. I do know that I have a list of things that I want to make gluten free, decent scones, pizza dough, coconut cake and biscuits that aren't like cardboard or full of nasty additives like the supermarket 'free from' ranges are. If I can just stop feeling so tired and get some energy back it'll be worth it. I'm hoping that ditching the gluten and wheat is also going to help me lose weight, fingers crossed!

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