Sunday, 8 April 2018

More Wreath Stamping

Hello everyone I've been a bit amiss from the blog world for a couple of weeks, life issues sadly, and I need to catch up with all my friends posts and look at their creations. Speaking of blog friends, last weekend I finally got to meet one of mine, I was amused by the fact that she didn't recognise me, but did recognise Simon 😂 and I'll never let her forget it lol! The lady in question was doing a demo day at The Range in Leicester for Trimcraft and as that is not far from me I convinced 'the famous one' to take me to meet Shabneez from Happy Hijaabi's Papercraft Creations.

It was wonderful to meet her and the bonus was I got to sit and craft with her whilst we chatted, I made a little gift bag under instruction from Shabneez and she not only allowed me to put the double sided tape on myself, I got to play with scissors lol! I picked up a couple of dies that I'll be using soon from the Trimcraft/Dovecraft ranges, they were bargains at just a couple of quid each. I have to say that it was a lovely feeling to be crafting with someone else instead of just working by myself. I'm hopeful to be able to meet up with lost more of my crafting friends in the future and maybe even get to a workshop or two with them.

It was a grizzly day today, so i stayed in and played nice in the craft room 😀I placed an order with Craftwork Cards for a couple of floral stamp sets and used stamps from them both to make these cards (Painted Florals and Build a Blossom Stamp Sets). I ordered them the other day and they arrived this morning, so it seemed like an ideal time to play with the templates that Si made me a few weeks back.

I made 3 cards 5" x 5" and also 3 cards that were 4" x 4" using the 5" and 4" templates, he made a change to the initial design which you can see in my previous post DIY Wreath Stamping Template were I used the first template he made that was 3" x 3".

Watching me stamp, he realised that it wasn't neccessary to have a full square as a template because of the rotation. All I needed was 2 sides to allow for a flat position of the card and the diagonal position as you rotate round creating the wreath.

You start with your card aligned on the flat as in figure 1. stamp with your choice of ink and turn the card so that its on the flat again, doing this for the number of times you want to stamp the image.

You then swap to the diagonal and stamp your next image 4 times as in figure 2. in the image. You continue to do this with all the images and colours you chose to use until you are happy with the wreath.

Whilst it is possible to stamp a wreath with just a stamping block, accuracy can be a bit hit and miss. The templates are designed to work in a stamping platform.

The original sized MISTI is good for the 3", and 4" templates, but for the 5" and 6" you need a wider stamping platform such as the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform by Tonic Studios, which is what I use for creating my wreaths.

It's crucial that you keep your right angle flat against your stamping platform and keep your card flat against the sides of the template, if the cardstock shifts, then your stamped image will also shift. That isn't the end of the world, but it can look messy of you are stamping on top of another image. Depending on the size of your stamp you can stamp the same image up to 8 times

I'm thrilled with the way these templates work and how easily I can create colourful wreath cards, that can be used for so many different occassions, I'm already thinking about Autumn and Winter wreaths and I've been asked to make more of the kitten paw cards in my previous template post.

For the 6 cards I made today I used a selection of Altenew Cube Inks, the sentiments are also  Altenew and come from a set called 'Build-A-Flower: Sakura Blossom'. I stamped them with Jet Black Altenew Crisp Ink which is a lovely dark black and stamps crisp and clean. I added some bling to the cards in the shape of Nuvo Glitter Drops which added a nice touch of sparkle without being over the top.

I wasn't happy with the resulting layout of the finished 5" wreathes, I feel that I'd stamped too close to the centre and there wasn't enough room for the sentiment. So I decided to cut some circles to echo the shape of the wreath and stamp the sentiment on those and add them on some 3D foam squares.

It worked well, and I think maybe better than my original idea, although I do like the sentiment stamped direct to card like on the 4" cards in the first photo. I often make mistakes and find creative ways to disguise them so I can still use the panels, it took me a while to stamp these, so it would have been a shame if I couldn't make use of them.

In other news I managed to complete my 30 day no spend challenge last month, those 30 days went by a lot quicker than I expected them to, it was torture but in a good way. I spent time getting reacquainted with the contents of my craft room and rediscovering what stash I had and towards the end of the 30 days I started to organise and declutter the room that I craft in. I'm really pleased with the results now its finished, I've boxed dies and stamps by company and put all my adhesives in one box, gems and embellishments in another for example and the whole room is so much tidier and organised as a result, making it easier to craft.

I also got a happy surprise come pay day, Si had got his annual bonus at work and presented me with my own little bonus to spend on crafting goodies. So I did, cheers honey! I pre-ordered the new Nuvo Alcohol Markers, bought a couple of stamp and die sets that I wanted and picked up a storage rack for my alcohol markers. The 30 day no spend challenge really did make me reaccess what I buy, now I ask do I really need it, or do I just want it because its 'shiny' and can I make use of it for more than 1 card? I think it will be good to challenge myself every couple of months, maybe even have 1 no spend week every month? We'll see, but for now I guess as I'm writing this at 1:30am, its time I went to bed and got some sleep, I have another day in the craft room planned tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for stopping by :)


  1. Love those cards and templates, if your fabby hubby wants to sell me some let me

  2. Lovely wreath cards, Deb! Like the template idea - tell Si I'll have one too! Haha 😉 xx

  3. Your cards are beautiful Deb and I love the colours you've used. I must admit I am quite jealous of you having those lovely templates lol, pity your can't get hubby to make then and sell them as I'd be first in line my friend.

    Gill xxx

  4. Gorgeous set of cards, i obviously haven't woken up yet though as kept reading the second sentiment as 'Wishing you a Body birthday'! lol Mind you i wouldn't say no to getting a new Body on my birthday! Lovely stamping. I hope life settles soon for you. Hugs Emmax

  5. I am so behind on my blogs the moment Debs as you can tell! Thank you for the mention. It was lovely to meet you and I can tell I will never live not recognising you down will I?!
    The templates are wonderful and you have made a wondeful array of samples.
    Hope things are looking up for you.
    Shabneez x

  6. Debs your stamped wreath cards are just wonderful and you're making great use of those templates what a star your OH is! Steph x


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