Monday, 9 April 2018

Wreath Builder Templates Now For Sale

I'm super stoked to announce that as of today I now have a Facebook Shop set up where you can purchase a set of the Wreath Maker Templates from if you so desire. Over the next few days I'll add more sample photos of cards created using the templates and a picture step by step guide. I'm aiming to sell cards I make and also pre-loved and unwanted craft supplies from the shop as well.

Unfortunately I gave the shop the wrong name and Facebook won't allow me to change it until I have 200 likes on the page. It's currently called Cook's Craft Supplies, but when I get 200 likes I'll be changing it to Cook's Cards & Craft Supplies. Via the facebook shop you can pay me via Paypal, I'm thrilled that we've already had 3 sales and hopefully we'll get lots more in the future. Let me just say that I'm not out to make a huge profit, I'm selling these bacsue when Simon made them for me people asked if they could have a set, but mainly because like many people, when I've tried to stamp a wreath by hand in the past, even drawing a circle guide. I've wound up with a mess on my hands that went in the bin rather than used to make a card. The templates make creating wreaths so, so simple and have made creating this kind of card for me a pleasure. 😍

The sets cost £10 that includes postage and packing. They are 3D printed in purple PLA and are 1.5mm thick. They are recommended for use in larger sized stamping platforms (see below).

That said the 3" template will fit in a Mini MISTI Stamping Tool or any stamping tool with an area of 6" x 4.75".

The 3", 4" and 5" templates fit in the Original MISTI or any stamping tool with an area of 6.5" x 8.5". You need a larger stamping platform for the 6" template and I recommend the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform by Tonic Studios, mainly because that's what I have and its what I use. 😁

We don't currently offer the templates for sale individually but it may be possible to do so if there is a demand for single sizes.

Using the templates is easy, first cut your card stock to the desired width, for the template in this photo that's 5" x 5" and put it in position as shown. N.B. you don't have to start in the diagonal, you can first place your stamp on the flat.

Next place the first stamp of your design when you want the image to be and close down the lid of your stamping platform to adhere it to the lid.

Next add ink to your stamp and close the lid, in the event that the image isn't crystal clear you can stamp again. It's important to note that your stamping template and card must NOT shift if they do then your stamped image with become misaligned. Before stamping always check that the position hasn't shifted before you stamp.

After the first image rotate your card stock 1 notch, if you want to create just 4 images then rotate 2 notches, in the above example I first stamp on the flat 4 times turning the card stock until I had the 4 lighter orange flowers in place. Then I shifted to the diagonal position as seen above and stamped and rotated to add the darker orange flowers. You then continue to build up the design using other smaller or larger stamps until you are happy with your wreath.

You don't have to just stamp floral images, any small stamps can be used, in this kitty example I used several different sized paw print stamps to create my wreath, I've also used sentiment stamps to create a wreath of words, again any stamp that fits in the area you're stamping can be used.

You can also stamp directly on to card blanks to make super quick single layer cards. I recommend adding a couple of post it notes on the back of the card blank to cover the area to make sure you don't get any stray ink marks on it.

The beauty of using a template and stamping platform is it makes it so easy to create batches of wreath cards like the ones below, all you have to do is repeat the process on as many cards as you require. Stamp all your first layers, then add the next stamp and continue until you have all the panels you wish to create. If you change ink colours make sure you clean off the stamp with a baby wipe before switching to another colour.

If you have any questions or want to know more, message me through Facebook or leave me a comment on my blog and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.I'm off yo stamp more wreath cards now 😁


  1. Hi Debs all the cards you have made are gorgeous. Good luck with your new venture I hope it goes well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Brilliant cards as ever - good luck, you both deserve it! Shabneez x

  3. Beautiful set of cards, lovely stamping. Good luck with the new tool. Emmax

  4. Wishing you success with your FB shop ... Steph x


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