Sunday, 1 September 2013

All That I Am

This blog was born because... Like everybody, I'm many things to many people, wife, step-mum, sister, auntie, friend, neighbour, the mad herb women, writer, organiser... the list goes on. In my life I like a variety of things, I'm besotted with my man, he is (and I know this is very cliche) the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'm owned by my two furry girls Poppy & Rosie, the sweetest cats anyone could dream of owning and yes I spoil them rotten, yes I love them to bits, and yes, maybe, I'm turning into a mad cat lady to boot lol!

My interests are all over the place, I'm always looking at new things to try, crafts, hobbies, food, music, but I have a set of things that have stayed with me since I was a young girl, like listening to music (mostly rock but I do have a rather eclectic taste, I can't play music, I blame the childhood recorder trauma for that! I have an appreciation for art (Impressionism, Pre-Raphaelite, Pointillism & Surrealism mostly) although I can't draw for toffee, but I'm working on that :) If you're one of those people that thinks you can only 'truly' appreciate music, art or anything if you can actually do it yourself, then please bugger off now!

I love gaming, mostly playing RPG (role-playing games) on consoles, my current favourite is 'Skyrim' and I'm waiting impatiently for the next gen PS4 console to be delivered and more gaming delights. I'm a bit of a herbaholic, I love using herbs, growing them, their history, the people that are behind the discoveries and the knowledge that has been passed down, as much as I love wandering out in the hedgerows finding nettles to make soup and tonic and blackberries to make vinegar's and so many other things. I like to cook and bake and also the history of cooking, I have several historical cook books and I'm a sucker for programmes like 'Wartime Farm' and the next offering from that team 'Tudor Abbey Farm'. Old recipes will wind their way on to this blog I'm sure, along with new ones and slimming friendly ones!

I'm interested in history and love visiting old abbeys, houses and places with a sense of times gone by, Medieval and Victorian eras are amongst my favourites, I'm interested in old remedies and how the home was run in days gone by. I like taking photos of herbs, plants, buildings, places, nature and whatever catches my eye and I love BOOKS especially if they're about herbs, my dream job has always been to be a librarian, almost made it happen at 16 but events conspired against me and I'm still having the dream, hence owning over 700 books of my own, I get to be my own librarian :)

Late in life I discovered France and fell in love with the country, with my wonderful man I holiday there when I get the chance and indulge many parts of me, including the cake monster! I love reading science fiction, fantasy and mysteries, if they have a medieval or herbal flavour as well that's an added bonus. I like to knit, can cross-stitch and use a sewing machine, like anything I'm not a master of the art, but I enjoy what I do and that's what counts, I'm tired of being told if you're not brilliant at everything give up! I also have a 'thrifty' side - read thrifty as tight and not liking to spend money if I don't have to - which means that some of this blog is going to have recycled - up-cycled, down-cycled and various thrifty money saving posts and recipes, having our over indulgent summer holiday we're on a every penny counts drive at the moment!

I love the seasons, autumn is the favourite, its the fruits and spices and the colours that appeal to me mostly. I'm also a fatty struggling to lose weight, but getting there slowly with Slimming World, due to my love of cakes and all the things I shouldn't eat etc, I'm happy to eat low-cal one day and have a small indulgence sometimes, I've tried not having anything home-baked, I've tried making it with artificial sweetener and no butter and I've felt deprived, so my new credo is a little of what you fancy does you good!

I've tried having a series of individual blogs for some of my interests but I've found keeping them updated hard, because I'm not doing any one of those things 24/7, so there's not enough input and keeping up with several blogs is hard work, what we write depends on our mood and circumstances, if we can't just be then it becomes a chore or doesn't get done at all.

A recent set of life events left me irritated at myself for never truly saying what I think and feel, for saving everyone's feelings at the sake of my own. The irritation grew when I realised that my life was compartmentalised, for example, I have a 'professional' facebook face where I chat about herbs, but don't share the rock loving, scifi geeky part of me, and I have a friends and family facebook face, so people only get to see parts of me, I'm always worried that the 'herby' peeps won't like my gaming references or the rock music, or that my family will get offended by something I say or do, or I'll bore non-herb loving people shitless with lots of herbal talk.

The more I thought about it over the weekend the more I got angry then I just thought 'Fuck it!' I'm almost 50, its about time I started being me and stopped worrying what effect that will have on the world, within reason obviously, but my reason for a change! So the idea to start a blog that covers all of what I am, well ummm at least more of me than has ever been revealed to most people before emerged, I'm not sure I can fit it all in, could you?

The blog is going to be a mix, hell I may even share some of my really secret insides as well, maybe even some poetry and things I've never shared before, there may even be some soul sharing, whatever I share, its going to be all of me, every aspect, holidays, life, gardening, thoughts, what makes me smile, what makes me angry and sad, all that I am. Welcome to my life, warts and all!

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