Wednesday, 25 February 2015

DIY Embellishments - 3D Die Cut Flowers

After spending hours lately looking at Pinterest and discovering ideas, tips, tricks and tutorials and saying ohhhh and ahhhhh I thought I'd give some of them a go. The first thing I tried was to combine two techniques to make flowers that I found via Pinterest Julie's Inkspot Blog and on the Verity Cards blog.

I have an Xcut Petal Posy die that cuts 6 different sizes of petal shapes and an assortment of circular centres (not used here). So to combine the two ideas I cut 3 petal pieces out in varying sizes and folded each of the petals in towards the entre, glueing the base of the largest one and putting the next size in on top of it, then the next one until you have all your pieces in place.

The next step is to use a hot glue gun and place a large blob of glue in the centre of the flower and fill it with seed beads to form the centre of the flower. It all went pear shaped here because I couldn't find the seed bead box grrrr! So instead for the purpose of taking a photo I used larger beads from a tub on the desk, although they are too large and I don't have enough of them, you can see the effect. When I find the seed beads I can complete the project, properly and when they're done they'll look brilliant with some die cut leaf shapes (I have a die cut for leaves to) and make superb floral embellishments for decorating cards.

After not being able to find the seed beads, I decided to try another idea I saw on Pinterest, this time for making your own glitter tape over at Damask Love, the idea is sound and as you can see from the first photo it works, BUT the lady writing the blog didn't mention the fact that it would be almost impossible to use the tape. The only way I can see the technique working is to lay the tape on the card in situ, glitter it and voila! The idea is brilliant and it will save me a fortune on the Border Glitteration ribbon strips I got from Anita's. So its back to the drawing board on the DIY glitter tape, but I will crack it.

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