Tuesday, 15 September 2015

DIY Misting Sprays

When I ink paper I like to add shimmer sprays to them to give a sparkle and sheen, I can't help it, as well as vivid colour I love sparkle and glitter, I've been using perfect pearls mists in the past but recently I experimented with a mist of perfect pearls and water but it took a while to dry, which after waiting for the inked paper to dry was a whole new level of testing of my eagerness to move onb with a project.

So when I was recently on holiday in France I found bottles of 74% alcohol that the French use for cleaning, it comes in bottles and is scented with aromas like vanilla, raspberry, peach, green apple... the list is endless, so I picked up raspberry and vanilla to experiment with. To make your homemade misting spray you'll need a spray bottle, colouring medium (re-inker, acrylic paint, food dye, water colour paint etc), alcohol, water and pigment powder like perfect pearls. I've seen YouTube videos with people using eye shadow powder to make their sprays, these recipes involve adding glue or gum arabic to the mix to make the eye shadow stick. If you use perfect pearls, the product is especially formulated to contain a resin that reacts with water which then makes the mica adhere to the surface you spray on.

To make a 50ml bottle of spray you need to half fill the bottle with alcohol (using alcohol will make the spray dry a lot faster), to that add your colouring medium around ½ - 1 teaspoon depending how strong you want the colour to be. I prefer to just have a light coloured mist, but I am thinking about making deeper colours to spray to colour paper where I would use distress inks. Next add your perfect pearls powder, I use a couple of small scoops using a lolly stick, I'd say around 1/8th teaspoon. Put the spray in to the bottle and screw down securely and shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients, once mixed top up your bottle with water, re-secure the lid in place and give the bottle another good shake to mix. You can then use the spray.

I made a white spray that I coloured white acrylic paint with perfect pearl, silver which contained silver metallic acrylic paint and perfect pearls and a purple spray that contained metallic amethyst acrylic paint and small amounts of Perfect Pearls Interference Violet and Interference Blue. I also made a gold misting spray which wasn't as successful, I used DecoArt Ultra Fine Glitter Paint, as my sparkle medium, but the sparkly bits are larger than the mica pigments and once dry then don't stick to the paper, will try adding some glue to that spray and see what happens, its a shame really because the sparkle is very intense.

Above you can see examples of the shimmer I achieved, the purple panel was inked with distress ink on to 230gsm water colour paper, once dry I lightly sprayed with the purple mist, sadly the photo isn't showing the sparkle as well as the second panel that was done in shades of black and grey and was then lightly sprayed with the silver mist, the shimmer is rich and intense, can't wait to use the silver panel for a halloween card idea I have. I love the fact that whilst working with these sprays they give off a pleasant aroma, which does transfer to the paper, although how long it will last... I'm already thinking about making my own autumn and Christmas fragranced sprays using alcohol and essential oils, I like to scent my cards for giving at Christmas and I usually do it by storing the cards in  sealed boxes above wooden balls that have been infused with essential oils, I make blends, to me it adds a whole new dimension to the card, so if I'm successful with the aroma spray metallic misting spray I'll add another post in the not too distant future!

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  1. Well done you... I have tried this but not using the alcohol, I was even pleased with the results...lol


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