Saturday, 16 April 2016

Coming Up Roses

In my garden I have a heavenly host of fragrant rose bushes, I love rose scented things and one of my cats is even named Rosie after my favourite flower. So you can imagine that I got VERY excited when the freebie from Issue 149 of Simply Cards & Papercraft, was an absolutely fabulous and gorgeous rose layered stamp and die set from AlteNew. I have to say I've been subscribing to over 7 different card magazines for 18 months now Simply Cards included, and this latest freebie is so far THE best one I've received and it will be used an awful lot in the future.

I wanted the roses to be the main focus of the cards, so I kept it simple and on all of the cards I stamped the WOW De-Vine background stamp on the notelet cards in a tone on tone colour, aside from the black card where I embossed it with WOW glitter embossing powder in Magic Mauve. Two of the cards had the backgrounds stamp with pearlescent ink, which helps give them some added shimmer.

I tried different types of ink to stamp the roses, pigment inks give a more solid colouring to the roses, and the dye inks were splotchy, which works, but I prefer the solid colour. In the end I stamped the first layer with pigment ink, using Versacolor inks and the second and third layers I used Memento dye based inks in complimentary medium and dark tones of the Versacolor ink, mainly because I don't yet have many colours of pigment inks, all my inks so far are dye based. The leaves were all done in either shades of Memento or AlteNew dye inks.

My stamping on these cards and lining up of the layers isn't perfect, but nature isn't perfect and the finished roses look pretty, stamping is something I'm learning as a go along, every project I do teaches me something new, whether its what not to do, ways that work or discovering how to make the best of a mistake. I did find that stamping in 3 shades of pigment ink gave me a smudgy mess, although I'm not sure if that was because I didn't let the layers dry for long enough inbetween stamping the layers?!

A point to note, when you use the dies to cut out the stamped images, the dies leave a thin area of white around the image, now in nature roses don't have white lines around the edges (unless they are bred that way with some kind of linear variegation!), so I took a make-up sponge (or you could use a blending tool) and I coloured the white area with the bottom layer ink. You can see the rim clearly on the edge of the pink and purple roses above.

I was so pleased with the free stamp and die set that I bought the AlteNew Vintage Roses stamp set and some of their Crisp & Clear inks  - although they stamped splotchy when I used them, not very crisp, but that could have been due to the card stock I used, so will try again on different papers and card before I make a proper decision. I'm waiting for the Vintage Roses dies to come back in stock over at Seven Hills Crafts, when they do I'll be getting the dies as well.

I'm loving the layered look and there are lots of layered stamp sets coming out with matching dies, so I'll be adding some more to my stamp collection in the future, I particularly want the Peony Bouquet set from AlteNew and the Vintage Flowers set also by AlteNew. Hopefully there will be other layered stamp sets coming out, I'd like some autumn leaf ones and some festive ones as well. Layered stamping is very quick to do and is forgiving if you're not a brilliant stamper like me.

If you're interested in the sentiments I used they are all die cuts and are made by 3 different companies, the Best Wishes die is one of the new Xcut Mini dies, the Thanks die is from AlteNew, I got mine from Seven Hills Crafts as I did the final Hello die which is by Neat & Tangled. One of the things I want to do this year is get some more sentiment dies for a variety of occasions and add a scoring board and a paper trimmer that can handle 12 x 12 sheets, but that's another thing entirely.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my rosie cards, I'm toying with the idea of making some rosie notelet cards in 6's or 12's to give to people for xmas this year, I may even have a go at stamping without die cutting to make the cards flat and easier to post. Although I think I may have to scent the cards with rose oil for added effect, something that I do to xmas cards, I infuse them with essential oils of pine and cinnamon and other festive fragrances, something I'll blog about in the future :) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my wibble, your visits are very much appreciated :)

UPDATE 29/04/2016 - FYI for anyone that doesn't have the stamps or can't get the hang of using them. There is a downloadable sheet of pre-printed flowers (two shades of pink) and leaves (two shades of green) based on the freebie Altenew set that came with Simply Cards & Papercraft recently, so you can print them off, cut them out and decoupage with them. Also works as a visual example of hot to stamp them. Not sure how long the download will remain there, but for now you can find it via the link below.


  1. Hi Debs I love your cards. I have just received that issue of the magazine with the amazing free gift I am hoping to have a play soon. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Debs, your cards are beautiful, love the colours you have used, I am waiting for this issue, think its next week when its out.
    I have quite a few two three step stamp sets, my favourite are SU.. have a few set of Altenew from Oyster Stamps, they are very popular stamps.
    Pam x

  3. Beautiful cards. I will have to look for the mag.

  4. I love roses too, and really like your cards

  5. Gorgeous cards Debs....I have to look out for this mag when it hits the shops....Lovely stamps and pretty colours....Joolsx

  6. Beautiful cards, love the colours x


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