Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My Maybe Someday Box Challenge

I've mentioned my 'Maybe Someday' box on several occasions, so I thought I'd show you what it is, its nothing special, just a plastic box where I store experiments, left over die cuts and things I make and then don't have an immediate use for. The box contains pieces of water colour card that has been coloured with distress inks, gloss paper panels that have received the alcohol ink treatment, toppers, sentiments, pieces of card that have been coloured and embossed, gilded, foiled and painted shapes, die cuts and lots more just sat in the box waiting to be used maybe someday.

When I'm stuck for an idea, or when things I'm trying to do to finish a card aren't working out, I have a rummage through the box and 9 times out of 10 I find just the right piece to finish off my card that I didn't know I was looking for. The box also ensures that if I just feel like playing with a new technique, or just doing a bit of inking or colouring with no particular project in mind, I can play to my hearts content and maybe someday the piece will have a use.  The box also acquires excess die cuts and pieces I make intended to use and then change my mind :)

So today I challenged myself to select some bits and bobs out of the box and use them to create 6 cards for my Christmas card box. I did allow myself to be able to add a few extra bits if needed like a sentiment, ribbon and gems and at the end of the day I'm happy to say I created the 6 cards I'd set out to make with my challenge and I have ideas for a few more cards for tomorrow.

I pulled out first from the box an A5 panel that I'd made when I first played with my colour burst powders, the piece I wanted to create, didn't turn out like I wanted it for the project I was working on at the time, so when it was dry I put it in the box. Yesterday I cut lots of white snowflakes for the Snowman Shaker card I made, but decided not to use them so they sat in a small bag on top of the box. The panel was peaking out as if to say glue them to me, so I did! I die cut the two white sentiments from scraps of card left over from cutting the snowflakes, it took no time at all to put them together, I added a few gems and inside 15 minutes I had 2 cards done.

The other 'Merry Christmas' card uses leftover scraps from two other cards I made recently and a panel I made using my Sue Wilson Snowflake Mini Striplet die, after I'd been experimenting with alcohol inks over 12 months ago now. To make the panel I simple glued down the die cut piece to a piece of the alcohol inked paper that I'd cut to fit, then added a few gemstones. The panel and the rest of alcohol inked paper went in the box and stayed there, today I die cut the sentiment from the left over card and used all the pieces to make the tall card.

The 6" x 6" cards both use some pre-bought toppers that I'd pressed out of the sheets and then decided not to use, so they went in the box along with some Wild Rose Studio Snowflake Corner Die cuts I had left over from last year when I made similar cards. These again were very quick to put together, I used some Bebunni papers from a 6 x 6 pad for the background, added the topper and then glued 4 die cuts to the edge, and finished off with adhesive gems before adding the sentiment. The snowflake corners on the blue card are green foil and red foil card that I decided to flip over and use the white back instead, the sentiment for this one was left over from some projects made last week, I decided for those previous cards that the sentiment looked better in gold rather than silver, so the silver went in the box.

The final card was another quick make, the blue panel was an experiment with metallic pearl pigment inks back in January, I slipped when I was inking and managed to get ink on the white centre strip, once dry it went in the box in case I had an idea for the future. The future came today when I decided to hide the inky mess with a piece of ribbon, the sentiment panel was left over from the snowman cards I posted about last week, when I'd finished I was amazed at how well the cards came out, they looked like they were intended to look like that and not be happy accidents. All of them are now in with the cards I'll be giving to friends and family this year, which leaves me with 16 cards left to make now!

Tomorrow I'll see what else I can find in the box to create more cards, to be honest I need to use some of it up, or get a bigger box, as its starting to over flow lol! Do you have something like my maybe someday box or do you only make things you'll be using? As always thanks for stopping by and any comments you leave I appreciate them :)


  1. Love what you have made from your maybe box.

  2. Hi Debs these cards are gorgeous. That box is such a good idea. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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