Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What Bank Holiday Weekend?

I've filed this under not craft related, but as I wound up making something crafty, I guess it is, but its not one of my usual crafting activities so it can stay in this section for now lol!

Apparently we've just had a bank holiday weekend, not that you would have noticed it in this house! Aside from trips to local DIY and paint supply places we didn't venture out much at all. We are at T-minus 4 days now to a Dr Who event that hubby wants to take his replica K9 to, only his replica K9 isn't finished yet!

I think some women would panic, but I'm used to it, Simon's robot projects are always last minute, it seems like a tradition to still be sticking holographic plastic on to Chompalot's panels the night before we go off to film Robot Wars. I admit that this weekend though I got a little peeved, I'd spent all Friday cleaning, in the event that we had any weekend visitors (we never do have any to be fair), but by the time he went back to work this morning the whole of downstairs looks like a bomb has gone off in it. His project has spread all over the front room and he's trod fibreglass bits all through the kitchen and hall, its a good job I love him lol!

I had a weekend of card making and reading planned, but things didn't go according to plan, what with the trips to get supplies, food shopping and getting roped in to making a collar for K9, still its nice to be able to contribute something to the robot projects, my role is generally cosmetic, I do the finishing touches and have a say on design elements/materials used.

The construction was easy enough, I covered a strip of leather with some tartan fabric and added some velcro to the edges to fasten it.  The D ring that the tag hangs from I took off a collar that once belonged to my dog Mitzie, she died 17 years ago now, but I've kept her puppy and adult collars in a pets memory box, I've done that with all my cats as well. It just seemed fitting to use a part of my beloved dogs collar on Si's beloved dog project.

Simon 3D printed the tag, but he wanted the words to stand out, he was going to use a felt tip but I thought it would look better gilded, so I spirited the tag away in to my craft room and applied a couple of layers of 'Empire Gold' Pebeo Gilding Wax to the raised areas. I so wish they did more colours of this wax, because its the easiest gilding wax to apply that I've found and I've tried a few, I think also my application technique has much improved because I managed to get this on just the raised areas and nowhere else.

That's thanks to watching a Sara Davies (Crafters Companion) video on applying the wax I think, I'd been using the tip of my finger, she said its better using the ball of your finger rather than the tip and it is! Fingers crossed that Simon manages to get the K9 finished, he's wanted to make one since he was a youngster, he wrote to the BBC asking for plans when he was about 8 and they sent him back a postcard of Tom Baker, not what he had in mind lol! When he was in his teens he made some small models from balsa wood and even a K9 head (about half scale ) but no full scale K9 materialised, he bought one of Ebay in 2007, paid £100 for it and when he collected it... Well lets just say that the photos of the K9 left a lot to be desired, so much so the K9 went to the tip a couple of years ago.

This one though will not be going to the tip, I really can't wait for him to finish this, he's put so much work in to it, I'm so very proud of him, for this build he's had to learn to master fibre glassing and so much else, my fella really is a robot making genius. Once K9 is finished maybe I can get him to finish the R2-D2 he's been toying with and the Wall-E he promised to build me! But first we have to have a robot free holiday and he has some house stuff to do, I've been making a list lol!


  1. Sounds like you had a productive weekend Debs, I like the K9 tag. Good luck to Simon on completing K9!

  2. wow sounds a like a fun filled weekend, great dog tag!

  3. Love the K9 tag and good luck to Simon on finishing K9, sounds like great fun all round. Emma


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