Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Bee Happy, Create Impossible Cards!

There is a new craze doing the rounds in the card making world currently for something called an Impossible Card. The irony is its really very, very simple and uses a single piece of card to make the card base.

I've seen designs that use USA A2 Size (4¼ x 5½), USA A6 (4½ x 6¼), 5" x 7" and a 6" square design and a few variations in between this website has templates for all the above, the ones I've made so far are both 5 x 7 because it was really easy to to mark it all out.

When you see an impossible card your first reaction is WOW how is that possible, the mind makes you think that the card must have been made using two pieces of card, but also makes you think its a single piece and has an optical illusion effect. The catrd is based on something called a Hyper Card, that was originally posted by a company called Bicycle who make playing cards.

To make my card I followed a YouTube tutorial by Sam from Mixed Up Craft, I actually found her tutorial and blog thanks to a lady who is a member of one of the same craft groups as me, I really couldn't believe how easy it was to make one of these cards and I'll be making more in the future. It's another card that will fold flat, so if you don't put much on in the at of embellishments, you can send your card as a large letter and save postage.

I made the "Home Sweet Home" card first and I got myself in to a bit of a pickle, I couldn't get the flap the card fold created to stand upright. No matter what I did it fell forward or backward 😕 There are 3 possibilities for the problem...

1) The cardstock weight was not strong enough, I used cardstock  that was only 160gsm and was therefore probably not strong enough to take the weight of the topper?

2) The topper I attached was too heavy for the flap. That said I tried adding a piece to the back of the flap but it didn't help stablise it.

3) I didn't fold the flap correctly. In  the demo video Sam folds in one direction half way, turns the piece over and folds the other side of the flap from the outside to the centre in the other direction. When I made the first card I turned the flap over and folded it all the same way.

When I made the 'Bee Happy' card I followed the steps and folded and creased in the same way that Sam did and my flap stood up perfectly and held the topper without falling over. I like the colours and image of the 'Home Sweet Home' card and didn't want to bin it so I made a couple of little hinges to glue to the back, this created the stability that the topper needed to stand upright. Whilst it wrecks the "How did they do that illusion?", it does mean that I can still use the card and didn't have to throw it away.

The bee topper and papers were from a "Making Cards for Boys" CD that came free with Making Cards Magazine in March 2017, I'd printed these off when I made the Colourful Monster cards back in February but the right idea to use them hadn't hit me.

I thought that the would be good for an impossible card. I decided to add some Tonic Nuvo Crystal Glaze to the honey jar ro make it look more glass jar like and I love the effect that the glaze created.

The topper and papers for the "Home Sweet Home" card are from a Crafters Companion "Makey Bakey Mice" CD and were printed off a while back, again waiting for the right project to come along. I decided against adding a sentiment to this card because the topper already had a sentiment on it.

I made the paper flowers from a leftover piece of the backing paper and a scrap from making the base card using the Card Making Magic Die Set 'Layered Florals' and finished the centres off with some 'English Mustard' Nuvo Drops. In hindsight, it would probably been better to use some distress ink to define the edges of the flowers after shaping them, but I was a little too eager to finish the card and by the time I thought about inking, I'd already stuff the flowers and leaves down. Below is the video I used to make the cards.

In other news two lovely card making things have happened this week, the first is I've finally found a group of ladies that live locally that meet a few times a month to craft, chat and eat cake! I'll be going along to meet them and craft along with them on the 11th May, the lady that organises the events is a Stampin Up demonstrater, but she is foremost a crafter who it seems loves getting together with others to share the joy of crafting, I'm looking forward to it and getting together with other crafters to share inspiration.

My other piece of crafty news is this week I became a moderator of a lovely group on Facebook Creative Minds - Kind Hearts which I'm thrilled to be a part of, and to be helping to moderate and also help out the groups founders who both have busy schedules. I'm now part of the moderation team who along with the Admins have been talking behind the scenes and sharing ideas to help make this fabulous group even more fabulous if that's possible, more I cannot say as nothing has been finalised but exciting times are ahead. That's all for now, I'm off to work on a few more impossible cards, these cards are so impossibly I hope you have a go if you haven't already.


  1. Oh Debs your cards are gorgeous. I love that design. I have already watched the video. I am definitely going to have a go. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a great day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thank you Jackie <3 I'm looking forward to seeing your impossible creations, its so easy to do, I was amazed at how easy it was, going to try some of the different shapes over the weekend :) Hugs - Debs xxx

  2. I do love reading your blog posts as you know Debs, I always feel like I need a cup of coffee with me too as it's so relaxing. Love both your cards and yes, the impossible card is on my list of things to do, it has been for a while but not had the chance yet.
    Well done on the moderator post and look forward to seeing your ideas unfold. I'd say the best thing about the post was hearing you'd met a group of crafters local to you. It'll be so much fun but do they know what they're letting themselves in for?! Haha! Shabneez xxx

  3. Super card, a great design. Thanks for the link.

  4. Glad you found these impossible cards possible, yours look wonderful and pretty ... finding crafty friends to meet up with regularly is a great tonic aren't you lucky. Good luck with the moderating too ... Steph x


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