Monday, 16 March 2015

Butterflies & Roses

Finally all my bits and bobs turned up so this weekend I could play at making resin style embellishments, I used 'WOW Melt It!' powder and 'WOW Embossing Powder' in Earthtone: Pomegranate to make the roses, it's really very straight forward. WOW sell silicon moulds as well like the rose one in the photo below, but I also picked up a selection of silicon moulds on Amazon that are designed for making embellishments for cakes, these work like a charm!

Take a small aluminium pie dish and shape part of it to resemble a pouring spout like on a jug, then put 2-4 teaspoons of the melt it powder into the dish, add a small amount of your embossing powder, a little goes a long way, for the dusky pink roses I used about a 1/4 teaspoon and stir both powders together until evenly mixed.

Next flatten off the side of the pie dish opposite to the 'spout' and clip a plastic or wooden peg in place, the pie tin will get very hot so this helps you to hold it whilst melting the powders.

Using a heat gun put heat on the underside of the pie dish, don't put the heat gun on top of the dish, if you do you'll blow the powder everywhere! It takes a while but eventually you'll see the powder begin to melt, the more it melts and becomes liquid you can swirl the tin to help mix, if you have bits that won't melt, pop the tin down and stir with a lolly stick or similar item.

Once everything is melted and liquid, pour the mix into your silicon mould, through trail and error I've learnt that putting the heat gun just to the side of your mould as you pour keeps the resin liquid and helps it to melt into all the areas of the mould. The resin sets very quickly, so you have to work fast, if a shape doesn't work out, its no biggy because you can put the mishap back in the pie dish reheat it to melt it again and try again, and again until you get it right :)

If the mould level is over poured and you have rough edges they can be broken off with a finger nail, tougher bits you can use a craft knife or scissors on. Once cool you can add gliding wax, mica powder or perfect pearls to your embellishments to give them a sheen or use them as is. I made the roses for a card I saw in Cardmaking & Papercraft a few weeks ago, I'll post a photo of the finished card when its done.

After making the roses I thought I'd try one of the moulds from Amazon, so I decided to make butterflies, I used Papermania embossing powder in Lilac, the butterflies came out translucent for some reason, which was no really a bad thing as they wound up looking glass like. I dusted one of them with perfect pearls powder to give it a lovely shimmer, and like the roses the butterflies will be going on a card project soon.

The second project of the weekend was to make a frame for an idea I've had since I found square frame stamp from the Papermania Bellissima range, in my head I saw a golden frame being used to frame a centre piece, be that a photo or an embellishment I hadn't decided.

I set to using my new 'Big Emboss It' embossing ink pad and some Darice 'Whispers' Embossing powder in Mirror Gold to form the stamped frame, it came out perfectly if I do say so myself. Next I used my craft knife and ruler and cut out most of the centre, cutting around the flowers with scissors. Then I used scissors to cut around the frame, whilst not perfect it doesn't look half bad :) the final step was to use alcohol markers to colour the flowers and the frame was finished. I think that it would look lovely with some gliding wax on the frame or even some gold ink rubbed in to the cream area. Suffice to say I'll be playing using different embossing powder and card colours to make frames for cards over the next few weeks and also keeping my eye out for other frames that can be used this way. All in all not a bad weekend, I did make a few cards and lay down an idea for my young nephews birthday card that will have a lego batman theme! More on that soon :)

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