Tuesday, 3 March 2015

DIY Heat Embossed Toppers

Rather chuffed with tonight's little experiment, I'd seen a video on YouTube that I now can't find grrrr, in essence you take a paper or cardboard cut out cover it in embossing ink, then clear embossing powder and heat until the powder is melted. Whilst its still warm you coat it again and heat it, and then a third time to give a good hard glossy coat.

Whilst my test pieces aren't perfect, the process worked, above is a photo of the printed piece of paper and to the left the piece embossed. The colours are changed and a little smudged but the result is very shiny and glossy which makes up for it. A little research and I may find ultra clear embossing powder or a true transparent look. If the technique is used on paper that has a random pattern on it like the flower, it works very well.

Both examples were printed on A4 white printer paper using an inkjet printer, nothing special, so using 240g card and other weights of paper may have different results? Using laser jet images or items stamped with archival ink may also give different results. I'll do some more experiments over the next few weeks an blog about things that work and things that don't.

I did try the method at weekend but burnt my finger because I couldn't hold the piece I wanted to emboss very well. So my clever hubster came to my aid and used the 3D printed he's built to design and print me a handle to hold the pieces, there is some blutak involved until I can come up with a better way of fixing the piece I want to coat to the handle. All went well with the 'Happy Birthday' piece but the flower I had problems with, it embossed it self to the base lol! No worries, the hubster is going to make a couple of other handles in different diameters to take the different sizes of embellishment I'm working on.

I used a stick on gem in the centre of my flower which I think finishes it off, just need to make a few more and I'll be able to attach them to a card and show the full effect. It means that I can make any kind of glossy toppers, tomorrow I'll experiment with shop bought die-cut sentiments and see what a bit of shine does to them. I love this learning curve, looking forward to the melt it powder and silicon moulds arriving any day now so I can use the heat gun to make 3D roses :)

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