Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Calligraphy Tales and More Paint!

The photo above is mine, but the calligraphy work is down to my hubby Simon, he's always had lovely handwriting, he wrote me a letter when we first met and I his handwriting was a factor in my falling for him, that and many other things, but I'll stop there :) Whilst away he decided he'd have a go at calligraphy, these are practice images but he came up with a cunning idea. He proposed that we work on a joint project, namely an illuminated herbal with modern info in old world style. So ever since he's been practising his calligraphy for the job. The idea is he does all the illustrations and we take photos between us and I write the herbal info! I think it's a wonderful idea and will combine our skills brilliantly.

I love the detail in the first image of the little caterpillar munching on the Dandelion leaf, he's been looking at lots of medieval texts on the internet and also picked up a few calligraphy books whilst we've been in France, as well as pens and inks. He doesn't like to admit he's done something good, and keeps saying its all just practice work, but I really wish I could do what he's done just as practice! I'm looking forward to working with him on this project, we've been saying for a while that we'd do something that combines what we're both good at, whether it turns in to a book is another thing entirely, I need to finish the one I'm working on first, one project at a time.

Whilst Si has been working on his sketches and happily applying ink, I've been working on making new backgrounds for cards and playing with some new ideas and after a tip from a lady on a cardmaking group I belong to on Facebook, I've also acquired a selection of 100ml tubes of Pebeo Dyna Acrylic Iridescent Paints. I haven't played with them yet, mainly because all my brushes are at home and I really didn't want to buy more brushes, when I have loads that I'll have access to in a few days, plus all my large stamps are at home that I want to use with the paints. I found the complete set in Cultura, loving this store for art and craft supplies, only discovered it back in April, but from now on it'll be a port of call when we're in France.

Whilst browsing the paint section I came across a set of 120ml metallic gloss acrylic paints by Lefranc & Bourgeois, another French company which has been making artist paints in France since 1720. The acrylics are very reasonable priced at 3.99 euros per tube. Cultura also had an offer on 3 for 2 so that made them even cheaper, there are lots of colours in the range but I went with the metallic colours for the projects I have in mind to work on over the next few months. If they work well, I'll stock up on more colours when we come back next year, assuming I can't buy them on the internet that is :) As well as cardmaking projects I think that Si will be able to use some of the acrylics on his calligraphy images, rich bold and bright shimmery colours should create some super effects.

Whilst browsing the aisles where the MDF projects and decoupage paints and papers were I found a selection of the Crème de Patine paints for just over 3 euros, some less and they then had a further 20% off!!! So they kind of ended up in my basket as well :) I know to some it may seem like I've spent a lot of money on craft supplies on holiday, and I guess I have, but I have been saving up holiday spends and usually I buy plants or books. I've been very lucky to have found some real bargains and lots of new things to experiment with and create lovely projects with. Some of these new paints are going to come in very useful for some of the projects inspired by our trip to Château de Pierrefonds, some of the rooms there were a fast to the senses. Will post some photos tomorrow when I've finished editing them :)

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  1. The dear Herbal Husband has beautiful handwriting and one of my favorite letters he wrote to me in French! Isn't that why we love them so much! Thanks for sharing his talent! xo


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