Monday, 10 August 2015

More French Crafty Bargains and Some Crafting Time

Today I visited Loisirs et Création a craft shop that I was led to believe was the French equivalent of Hobbycraft, whilst there were some nice things and bargains there, its nowhere near what Hobbycraft is. It's rather a mish mash price wise as well, some things were cheap, others grossly overpriced 49 euros for a die set I'd pay £9.95 for in the UK, but like Hobbycraft itrems you can find cheaper elsewhere are a couple of euros dearer at Loisirs et Création.

I did find some more bargains mind, stamps and ribbons with 50% off, more iZink pigment inks and a set of Metallic Sakura Gel Pens for just over £13, which was a bargain for a set of 10, I also picked up a corner punch and some delicate wild flower cling stamps that also have butterflies and bees in the set. Happy me :) The iZink's I have wanted to play with since I saw them over here back in April, so far I have 4 of the metallic colours, I'll be picking up a few more before I go back to England so that I can make play with the effects they create, check out this video by American crafter Sandy Allnock like the one in the video below.

Once I'd got back from shopping for crafty goodies it was time to have a little play with some distress inks, I brought some card making supplies with me, our holiday is all about relaxing and recharging our metaphoric batteries this year, rather than zipping around visiting lots of places, so we've bought books to read and my hubby has brought some paints and creative writing supplies and I've got my card making stuff. So earlier today I started making a couple of backgrounds with my distress inks which were inspired by the garden of the cottage we're staying at.

The background still needs some work, and then the stamping can begin, and I can then turn it in to a card, I also inked some other backgrounds to use with the owl and fox stamps I got in the previous post. Tomorrow I'll be making up a few cards and playing with stamps and ink and well as relaxing in the sun, there is another craft supplies place not that far from us, so we may even pay them a visit. Shopping for craft stash is super, but its not nearly as good as playing with it and creating cards and other projects.


  1. Hi that is an amazing craft shop. How do the prices compare with here? It is nice to see a picture of you crafting. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie, sorry only just noticed I hadn't replied, prices are not so bad, it all depends on the exchange rate, when we went away it was round 1.41 euros to the £1 so fairly good, some prices are around a couple of pounds cheaper than in the UK but some were jaw droppingly steep 49 euros for a die set I could get for £12.99 here, so not all bargains. Hugs Debs x


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