Friday, 28 August 2015

iZink Faux Metal Panel

Works all finished for the next 3 days, we have a long bank holiday weekend and I'm looking forward to getting lots of crafting in. I have lots of cards to create and projects to work on but I also wanted to play with some ideas, after seeing the iZink Galaxy video on YouTube that I posted about in my More French Crafty Bargains and Some Crafting Time it occurred to me that the iZink's could potentially be used to create faux metallic effects, and I was right :)

Sadly though my photos are looking rather flat and have lost the gloss and shine, but trust me the finished panel does have it. I used an A5 piece of glossy paper and one of the sponge applicators that you use for distress ink application and laid down my colours bits at a time. The iZink's are wonderful in that they don't blend into each other but sit on the top of the previous layer and dry in about 4-5 seconds so you don't have to wait ages to apply the next layer, just keep building up the colour until your happy with what you have.

I Layered up 6 colours starting with Ambre (Coppery Brown) although its one of the glossy inks and not pearlescent as is the Caviar (Black), as I wanted to create a kind of verdigris effect. I used 4 of the pearlescent colours Cactus (Pea Green), Avocado (Bluey Green), Topaz (Turquoise Green) and Gold. Each colour was dropped on the glossy paper randomly and worked in with the sponge applicator until I had the colour effect I wanted.

When I was happy I ran the paper through my embossing machine using my Toga 'Arabesques' embossing folder I found in France. The paper piece was a little bit bigger than the folder so I trimmed it to size after embossing. To finish I used an iZink pigment pad in shade 19131 Metal Light Green to create some verdigris bits to the raised area, I simply ran the pad over the top of the raised area then rubbed in with my fingertip. No idea yet what I'll use the panel for, but I'm already thinking of using the same effect with cog dies for steampunk cards, the whole point of the exercise was to play with my new goodies and see if the idea worked before I committed it to a card idea only to discover it wouldn't work.

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